Funniest 404 Pages for Inspiration

Written by  Lina Abascal

02 November 2015

Funniest 404 Pages for Inspiration
First things first, you want your website to have awesome content. The second thing (or some may argue even more importantly,) you want this content to be easy to find. But what happens when someone gets a little confused, or your team makes a small mistake, and someone ends up on a broken link?

Don’t get too down on yourself, it’s the Internet, these things happen. See this as an opportunity. Instead of frustrating or confusing your visitor with your typical “page not found” 404 message, see this mistake as a platform to further push your brand message and tone with a fun 404 page that keeps your viewer on your site and shows you’re fun and worth learning more about.

This little effort can make a big difference and help viewers from bouncing. If you don’t believe us, check out a few of our favorite laugh worthy 404 pages everywhere from the websites of everyone from small companies to big time politicians.
1. In the spirit of the upcoming United States presidential election, get inspired by these two democratic candidates who got a little quirky on their 404 pages. Hilary shows fans a throwback when they got lost on their site.

2. Bernie Sanders took the opportunity to plug a fun video that viewers can’t find anywhere else on his 404 page, truly a man of the people.

3. This is one of our favorites! Check out this awesome animation on Bloomberg’s news site. If this doesn’t make you want to see what else they’ve got on their site, nothing will.

4. While this one isn’t funny per say, this impressive design caught our attention. Move your mouse around, it’s pretty addicting.

5. This Internet comedy staple’s 404 page is just a taste of all the laughs you’ll have on Home Star Runner. It’s a great example of giving viewers a sampling of what there is to find on the website through a 404 page.

6. Not feeling like promoting your website’s content? Make a meme out of a famous image and impress your readers on your 404 page. This one was too clever not to include.

7. The state government page for Delaware put a spin on otherwise drab government content with this pun. Sometimes, corny is catchy.

8. If you aren’t feeling particularly creative, borrow from an already viral video or meme. Your viewers will still appreciate being entertained instead of just lead to a dead page. Cute animals are always a plus.

9. If you have a mascot, logo, or character, showing them in a confused or silly situation reminds your viewer about why they love your brand and makes light of the confusion.

10.Innovators in the music streaming industry, Spotify, keep it light hearted and fun on their 404 page while making it easy for visitors to get back on track with some suggested links.

11. Here’s more evidence that cute animals lead to a lot more smiles than site bounces. Imgur, the easiest place to waste hours looking at images, gives their lost visitors another fun and distracting image.

12. Email marketing service Mailchimp is known for being a bit funky with their content. Their frequently changing 404 page is totally on brand and adorable featuring their signature chimp mascot.

13. You probably didn’t expect to see a toe on a 404 page, but Mashable pulls it off. This happy-go-lucky image pairs well with Mashable’s fun web content and is easily likeable by anyone.

14. While most of these 404 pages are mostly images, Vox takes a different approach and chooses a text heavy page. Filled with half useful information and half jokes, before you know it you will have spent two minutes on a page you never meant to be on!

15. We’ve said it before, sometimes it’s as simple as a cute animal to make a successful 404 page, and this dog is superrrrr cute.

16. In true New Yorker fashion, the iconic magazine rewarded their lost readers with one of their clever original comics. For more like it, simply click on a link that works.

17. If you’re a humor website, your 404 page basically HAS to be funny. No pressure, but Funny or Die totally nailed it with theirs.

18. While has fallen to the wayside in the Google era, this silly “you’re lost” photo had us giggling. A joke about being lost or on the wrong page is a good place to start for your funny 404.

19. Like The New Yorker, E-Card website Some Ecards made a custom e-card for their 404 page. A clever way to tell readers they’re lost while showcasing their product.

20. This is a perfect combination of cute image, “you’re on the wrong page” joke, and tie to the company’s business. Boomset wins this funny 404 trifecta.

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