A Day in the ucraft Office

Written by  Keeva O'Donnell / 09 October 2015
Being the beautifully dysfunctional family that we are, no two days are ever the same at ucraft. And we wouldn’t want them to be. As a team of obsessive techies, free-thinkers, artists, musicians, and serious pranksters, we thrive in a random environment where creativity reigns over everything we do. Nothing kills creativity faster than monotony. So if you enter the office and there isn’t someone skateboarding through to the coffee machine, inventing a new desk game (with scientific focus), or drawing their colleagues as Simpsons characters, the odds are…you’ve got the wrong building.
There is a method to our madness. Sort of. We have a leader (hi, Gev!) but he’s not our boss. Part of being in a team where every individual is valued and respected as much as the next person is that you’re trusted to do what you do best, do what you were hired for. There is a tacit understanding that everyone’s brain works differently. Every person’s work ethic is different. Everyone peaks and fades at different times of the working day. But as long as the goal is the same and as long is everyone is committed to realising it, there is no need to force people into another person’s way of doing things.
That is not to say our days are filled with Youtube videos and Deskitball tournaments. It’s hard work trying to revolutionize a corner of tech that’s been the same for a little too long now. But if we want to bring something different into the world, to make crafting a website not only an easy task but an individual and creatively fulfilling experience, then we have to have the freedom to be ourselves while we do it.
Luckily, we have a whole spectrum of personalities in the office who complement each other and balance the team out as a whole. Compulsive organizers balance out our more chaotic teammates, our quick-thinking practical guys balance out our more idea-driven creatives. Our cool, calm and collected balance out the frantic panickers. It’s a family. When someone needs help, it’s on hand. When someone needs space, it’s available to them.

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