6 steps to develop your content marketing strategy

Written by  Lina Abascal 20 October 2015

6 steps to develop your content marketing strategy
Content marketing is a buzzword right now. But what exactly is it? How is it different from just blogging? Who is doing it, and who NEEDS to be doing it? According to the content marketing institute, 83% of B2B businesses and 77% of B2C businesses are focusing on content marketing. So it’s probably worth a shot.

Content is king. Creating it is the first step. Then comes getting it out there to your desired audience. Once you have the readers you want, you want to make sure your readership grows. And of course, you want all of these efforts to circle back to your main goals, growing users, generating leads, whatever it may be.

How do you do this? With a content marketing strategy. A fancy way of saying: creating content and planning where it is seen and by who. To help you get started we’ve wrapped up a few common mistakes that cause people to miss out on many of the benefits of content marketing. Steer clear of these and your strategy is already ahead of the game.
Focus on Quality, not Quantity
When there are powerhouses out there like Buzzfeed dominating clicks around the world with their million posts, it makes sense you probably want to churn out content day and night. Most likely, the size of your business and your resources really don’t require this, and it may actually hurt you. Focusing on less, but higher quality, posts will retain and impress readers and help you achieve your end goals. Take the time and energy required for a high quality post at the frequency that works for you.

Utilize All Your Existing Content
Starting from scratch can seem daunting. What you may not have realized, is even before you began your content marketing strategy, you have existing content that can be repurposed. Whether it’s a case study, materials from a speech you gave, a promo video, or any existing piece of content, all of this can be repurposed into blog and social media content before you even begin creating new content. Stretched across a few weeks or longer, you’ve already got a head start and are making the most out of the work you’ve already done.

Be Consistent
It can be unmotivating to stick to your two blogs, five social posts, one email blast scheduled per week with little traffic, conversion, or results. It is important to track your success, but the key when beginning content marketing is consistency. You won’t know what works until you try it and give it enough time to either work. This is a few months at the least.
Focus on Distribution
Once you finally have quality content, and consistency, what do you do? Make sure you’re funneling the content to the right people through the right channels. You don’t want your hard work to go unnoticed. Decide where you will be feeding your content into. An email blast to a contact list and paid targeted advertising on Google or social media are a great place to start as you build both content and connections.

Optimize for SEO
It’s worth the time it takes to learn about optimizing for SEO. Whether it’s keywords, pingbacks, metadata, or URL names, small efforts to optimize search engine results for your content make a world of difference. As we’ve said before, what’s the use of content if no one is finding it. Do what you can to bring people outside of your immediate network to your content.
Don’t be too Sales-y
It’s your own content, it makes sense to talk about yourself and your product, right? Ehhh. Talking about yourself too often is a red flag. Your readers can sense a sales pitch from a mile away and it doesn’t help develop trust. Though it is a longer game, quality content and a great distribution strategy will lead to a trusting audience that will come back for your content.

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