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6 of the top marketing blogs to follow

6 of the top marketing blogs to follow


One of the reasons we love marketing is that it’s the perfect excuse to constantly be online. Hours deep into what started as one search, then led to another article, then a few YouTube videos and here you are. But you’re learning! This is relevant to your career, because seeing how other brands and companies are marketing themselves, their social media strategy and the digital content they’re putting out is how marketers learn and stay on top of the trends in the industry.



So now that we’ve already given you an excuse to spend plenty of time online, WHERE do you spend your precious time? Here are a few of our favorite marketing blogs from all corners of the internet.




1. Moz

Moz’s blog boasts the industry’s top “wizards” and advice, how-tos and success stories. Moz is a software designed to help companies boost their SEO ratings and search engine visibility. Creating content and ads worth seeing - that’s on the marketing specialist.



2. Hootsuite

This content-rich, frequently updated marketing site focuses a lot on social media as a product of Hootsuite; a social scheduling and management tool for marketers and community managers. New social networks, updates to Facebook’s algorithms and viral success stories can all be found at this one-stop-shop.




3. Square2marketing

Square 2’s blog focuses on inbound lead marketing. Over 35,000 people agree that Square 2 Marketing is a great resource for marketing knowledge and advice on how to turn those inbound leads into converted customers. While getting inbound leads is a process of its own, and plenty of the previously mentioned blogs can help you create the tools you need to have potential customers reaching out, converting those leads is a skill every successful marketer needs to master. That’s where Square 2 comes in.



4. Hubspot

So you think you know everything there is to know about marketing? Think again! Hubspot and its marketing blog prides itself on being a place where specialists of any level can grow and learn. With sections for those focusing on an agency model, sales, or marketing - everyone at your company can learn something from Hubspot.



5. Bufferapp

Buffer’s social media blog provides a lot of awesome information and tips on social optimization, ways to promote sharing and engagement, and general social strategy. A marketing component itself and a social media software tool for marketers, Buffer is definitely not a sales tool that only talks about themselves, and their expertise in the industry can be trusted. Recent topics discussed include paid ads, email marketing and social media calendars.



6. Ahrefs

Focused on making decisions based on data, Ahref’s blog is centered around SEO and optimization. Get everything from tips that even beginners can understand to special insights from company’s best practices that can elevate the SEO game of even the most experienced marketers. 




Bonus Blog: Neil Patel's Digital Marketing Blog


Named as one of the top 10 marketers by Forbes magazine, Neil Patel is, without a doubt, one of the best entrepreneurs and marketing specialists of the decade. Not only has he been recognized by the likes of Entrepreneur Magazine, the United Nations and even President Obama, but he has also assisted large companies such as Amazon and HP. Neil Patel runs a huge digital marketing platform with a focus on SEO, which is great for beginners who are just starting out and paving their marketing journey.


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