3 reasons you should have your own website

Written by  Lina Abascal and Gog Zalibekyan / 14 April 2016
3 reasons you should have your own website
Well first of all, it’s 2016. But we can’t begin and end this piece there, if we could, we would. If there’s any doubt in your mind about why you or your company needs your own website, we’re here to help. Aside from it being the norm the same way having a phone number is, having a website is arguably the most effective and economical way to grow awareness of your business. The same way an office or headquarters is your brick and mortar home base, your website is your mothership online, anything else is an addition (social media, marketing materials, email blasts, etc.). Whether you go for a simple landing page, or an elaborate e-commerce site (in which case you probably already have a site!), you’ve got to have something. Here are the three major reasons why.
Establish Branding
Like a sign outside your store, or a logo on your product, your website is the ideal place to define your brand. Your name, logo, color scheme, and description are going to be the first things your viewers see. Use your website as an extension of any brand building you’ve already done, and make sure to keep it consistent. Your website should be a one stop shop for consumers to find your company, learn about it, and take action from there, whether it’s a contact, downloading something, making a purchase, or anything else. Your website is a huge opportunity to stake your claim and further establish your brand.
Increase Visibility
Without a site, how on earth do you expect to be found? Having a site allows thousands (and tens of thousands, millions, even billions) of people to have the opportunity to find you via search, referrals, ads, and other digital marketing practices. Your site will be found by those looking for it, those looking for something like it, and even those who had no idea how they ended up there. The ability to include a short URL or name drop a website makes getting (or giving) referrals easier than ever. Adding your website to profiles of your business that may already exist (Yelp, directories, etc.) can help recruit those interested to your official site now that it exists.
Showcase Your Case Studies
Regardless of the type of work you do, a website is a great place to showcase your work. This way, before even contacting you, potential customers, potential press, and even your competition, can check out your work in a portfolio, media gallery, case studies section, or any form of packaging of your previous projects. This is great for archiving, showing off, and prompting future sales. You’ve done some awesome work, so show it off, a website is a whole lot easier than going door to door with portfolios or rushing to hand out your business cards.

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