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Whether you are an artist, blogger, small business owner or just a curious individual, Ucraft website builder has everything you need to weave your story and share it with the world. Sift through a wide variety of website templates, pick the one that speaks to you and reflects the core purpose of your business and you will be one step closer to success.

Choose a perfect template
Customize your content

Once you’ve chosen the template that satisfies your needs, it’s time to get your creative juices flowing. Fine-tune your visitors’ experience by changing the look and feel of your website. Easily drag and drop images, titles and content wherever you want and toy around with fonts, colors, borders, text sizes and other elements to achieve the desired outcome.

Customize your content
Embark on a blogging adventure

If you’re passionate about blogging, Ucraft website builder has got something very special for you. Unlock the full potential of the mighty Articles App, create the blog of your dreams and get it up and running in no time. Share your knowledge and ideas, get noticed for your superb writing skills and impress your readers. The world of blogging awaits you!

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Embark on a blogging adventure
Set up your own online store

When Ucraft website builder and Shopify meet, magic happens! Leverage this powerful integration and build a high-quality online store for your business easily and fast. Add your unique products and collections, keep track of your inventory and manage everything from one place. Start selling like a superstar and grow your e-commerce business!

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Set up your own online store
Connect your domain and go live

Now that you’re happy with the changes you’ve made, get your new site up and running and accelerate your journey to success. As the icing on the cake, Ucraft website builder provides you with free, reliable cloud hosting as well as the option to connect your existing domain or obtain a new one. With just a few clicks, you’ll be ready to put your site online for everyone to see.

Connect your domain and go live
Get a free domain with our yearly plan

When it comes to establishing your online identity and branding your business, choosing the right domain name is of paramount importance. Purchase a one-year subscription to Ucraft website builder and get a custom domain for free. Choose the domain you want and set up your website in a matter of minutes. It’s as simple as that.

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Get a free domain with our yearly plan

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Start your 14-day free trial and create a website for just $8 per month!

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Still need convincing? Here are top reasons why you should use Ucraft website builder!
Free Cloud Hosting

Free Cloud Hosting

Ucraft website builder gives you secure and reliable, free hosting with cloud technology from Google! Your website will load faster and perform beautifully.

SEO friendly

SEO friendly

Add a fresh twist to SEO by creating unique, engaging content and optimizing your pages. Share your love with Google and taste the traffic you deserve!

Designer tools

Designer tools

The magic of our Designer Tools allows you to make changes to your website's styling and design in one place. Inspired by Photoshop, produced by U!

Drag and Drop Blocks

Drag and Drop Blocks

Don’t waste your precious time reinventing the wheel. All you have to do is drag and drop elements, write words and watch your creation come to life!

Support 24/7

Support 24/7

We are always a click away and eager to assist if you get lost in a dark forest. Simply click the Help button to light your way and we’ll be there in no time.

Call your team

Call your team

Teamwork makes the dream work. Invite your team members to Ucraft website builder, enjoy the magic together and bring your exciting idea to fruition.

Ucraft website builder integrated with

Ucraft website builder integrates with a growing number of nifty tools to help you power your business.
Google maps

Help your customers find their way to your business with just one click by adding a map to your Ucraft website.


Create your own online store, add it to your Ucraft website easily and start selling your products to shoppers everywhere.


Give your website visitors the best viewing experience and captivate them by publishing and showcasing videos.


Offer interesting, quality videos to your website visitors, impress them and keep them coming back for more.

Mail Chimp

Integrate MailChimp into your Ucraft website, add a subscription form and gather your subscribers in one place.


Enhance and stylize your photos with professional effects and share your unique creations with your visitors.

Noun Project

Give your website a more personal touch and define the essence of your business with eye-catching icons.


Liven up your website by unleashing a curated playlist or uploading your own music for your visitors to hear.


Boost your sales and securely accept online payments from satisfied customers in a matter of seconds.


Connect with your customers and communicate with them in a completely new, more personal way.


Set up Hotjar on your Ucraft website to find out how visitors use your site and turn them into customers.


Organize events, promote them, draw large crowds to them and sell tickets right from your Ucraft website.


Start conversations with your visitors, increase engagement and build a community on your Ucraft website.


Engage your customers and ask them anything by creating beautifully designed typeforms they will enjoy completing.


Spice up your Ucraft website by merging your Twitter presence with it, streaming your feed and sharing your tweets.


Access thousands of beautiful, high-resolution photos with just one click and bring them directly to your website.


I have been really impressed with Ucraft. The ease of the designer - from adding logos to connecting my domain has been extremely easy and I will definitely be using this service consistently from now on!
Scott Stevens - Filmmaker & Photographer @
The ucraft experience is overall amazing :) It has allowed me to share with others something that I love, in the way that I like!
Brandon Ng -Creative Sketcher @ T.S. Brandon Ng
Ucraft is awesome!
Diego Figari - Manager / Marketing Director @ Bang & Olufsen, Berlin
I’ve never thought that migrating my website to Ucraft could be that easy! That's what I call a great job! :)
Artak Harutyunyan - Founder @ Black Angus

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Monday, 27 March 2017 16:25

Google makes its guidelines very clear but there are still websites out there making uninformed choices about how they should optimize their site.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017 11:56

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